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Los Angeles Employment Lawyers

Los Angeles Employment Lawyers

Are you having problems with your employer? Do you have questions about your employment situation?

When you are being mistreated in the workplace, you need an advocate who is on your side. If you have faced discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, or misclassification, you should speak with an employment lawyer without delay.

The attorneys at Work Lawyers PC are Los Angeles employment lawyers who are proud to stand with employees. They have a record of helping workers in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas receive compensation for unfair and illegal employment practices.

Act Now to Protect Your Rights

California law protects employees’ rights, but if you don’t meet specific deadlines for asserting your claims, your rights can be waived. If you believe you need help with a situation in the workplace, you should immediately contact an employment lawyer.

An experienced employment lawyer can help you identify your viable legal claims and make sure you don’t miss any deadlines. The Los Angeles employment law firm of Work Lawyers PC will review your situation and advise you on how to preserve your case.

Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles

Our lawyers provide zealous representation to Los Angeles employees who have been treated unfairly by their employers. The attorneys at Work Lawyers PC help their clients navigate every aspect of an employment case—from negotiation to trial—informing them of their legal rights and options at every step.

They use their knowledge and experience to take on employers, defense lawyers, and insurance companies. They represent employees because they believe it is imperative to advance the law in ways that benefit workers, not employers.

When you experience a problem in the workplace, it can impact every area of your life. Our Los Angeles employment lawyers know how stressful it is to be mistreated by an employer. They also know that every person’s case is unique.

When our employment lawyers decide to take your case, they will always have your best interests in mind to find resolution that is right for you, whether it’s through negotiation, mediation, or litigation. Work Lawyers PC will aggressively advocate on your behalf and seek the compensation you deserve.

Request a Free Case Evaluation in L.A.

Our employment attorneys in Los Angeles offer free initial consultations for employees. To speak with our lawyers about any employment law matter, contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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Who We Are

Los Angeles Employment Attorney at Work Lawyers PC

Labor Attorney 1

Attorney, Founder

Labor Attorney 1 believes the starting point for every case should be the needs and wants of the client. Because those vary with every person, Labor Attorney 1 takes the time to understand his clients. By taking the client-centered approach to each case, Labor Attorney 1 seeks the most desirable results for each Los Angeles client.

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Los Angeles Employment Attorney at Work Lawyers PC

Labor Attorney 2

Attorney, Founder

As the child of immigrants who worked long hours in the restaurant and factory industry, Labor Attorney 2 strongly supports dignified and lawful treatment of all Los Angeles employees in the workplace. He passionately and tenaciously fights employers to hold them accountable for their legal violations.

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Areas We Practice

Disability Disputes

Our lawyers fight for reasonable workplace accommodations and fair compensation for employees that have been the victim of discrimination.

Sexual Harassment

Employers have a duty to prevent unlawful sexual harassment. Our lawyers seek to hold them accountable.

Family & Medical Leave

Employees often have a legal right to family, medical, or maternity leave. Our lawyers work to make sure those rights don't get ignored.


Employees have a right to be free from unlawful discrimination. But the law doesn't enforce itself. Our lawyers work to help.

Unpaid Wages

You have a job for one reason: to get paid. If your employer has failed to compensate you according to law, it may be time to contact us.

Wrongful Termination

When employers fire workers for unlawful reasons, the workers may be entitled to compensation. Speaking with a qualified attorney can be a good idea.

How We Help

Our Attorneys Can Help Negotiate With Employers and Employees


Our skilled employment lawyers help negotiate a favorable resolution to your employment-related dispute.

Our Attorneys Litigate Employment Issues


When negotiation isn't possible or wise, our experienced labor lawyers pursue justice by taking the fight to court.

Our Attorneys Work Hard to Protect Clients


Our highest priority is protecting the interests of our clients. We do so diligently, honestly, and passionately.

Why We Do It

We became lawyers because we wanted to make a difference. During our careers, we have seen repeated injustices in the workplace and we believe the law can be used as a tool to correct them. As former employees, we haven't lost our passion for improving the everyday lives of individuals. We hope you will join us to find out if we can improve yours.

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