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You Have Rights

You have a right to be free from unlawful treatment at work.

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But Rights Don’t
Enforce Themselves

A lawyer can help make sure your employer follows the law.

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Let Us Take It from Here

We represent employees in legal disputes with their employers.

California Employment Lawyers

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Our prospective clients receive a free initial consultation during which we evaluate their case and determine whether we can help them. Find out how the attorneys at Work Lawyers can help you.

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Ideas About How Work Lawyers Can Help Clients

How Can Work Lawyers Help?

We’ll Handle the Hard Stuff

Negotiate Negotiate

Our skilled employment lawyers help clients by negotiating favorable resolutions to their employment disputes.

Litigate Litigate

When negotiation isn't realistic, our experienced labor lawyers pursue justice by taking the fight to court.

Protect Protect

Our highest priority is protecting the interests of our clients. We do so diligently, honestly, and passionately.

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