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The 5 Most Common Illegal Reasons to Be Fired in California

Although employers can usually fire employees for any lawful reason, they can’t do so when it breaks one of California's laws. This article explores five of the most common violations that employers commit when terminating their employees.

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Severance Packages: Why Employers Need to Consider Them

Both employers and employees can benefit from offering severance pay in California. Here, our employment lawyers explain why employers need to consider them when letting employees go.

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Understanding Employment Severance Agreement in California

A severance package is a payment by an employer to an employee at the time of the employee’s termination. It is usually given in exchange for a written promise from the employee that they will not file a lawsuit against the employer.

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Two Weeks’ Notice Letters: Are They Required by California Law?

Generally, California employees are not required by law to give any advance notice to their employer before they quit their job, but there are exceptions. This article explains the law for employees planning to quit.

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